Quintype enables digital reach for vernacular players for tier-II and III cities

Quintype enables digital reach for vernacular players for tier-II and III cities
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March 20, 2019

122 major languages, 1599 others and only one foreign language to act as a fragile bridge, India's linguistic diversity makes for a thriving vernacular information industry. Many newspapers, magazines, columns are published across the country in many languages, and most of them want to make a transition to the digital world as soon as possible. It is this transition that Quintype, India's leading facilitator for digital content publishing, aims to assist significantly. By allowing vernacular based offline content creators to publish on the internet in a device-agnostic, high quality interface equipped way, Quintype aims to bring these publishers much closer to the 500 million strong smartphone equipped readership estimated to serve as the primary target audience by 2020.

Quintype, through numerous outreach events and lead generation activities, realized that vernacular content creators are desperately trying to walk the World Wide Web way. There is enormous viewership of vernacular content, understood by the fact that the number of periodicals and newspapers published in Hindi alone are 32,793 as compared to only 11,478 for English! In fact, out of the 74% literate population of India, only 30% can read English.

However, with a rapidly growing consumer base of smartphones, which reports the highest growth in India and is expected to reach 500 million users by 2020, the future consumer is hooked to smartphones. Across tier-II and tier-III cities of India, an entire generation of people are becoming digitally native and adopting smartphone based content consumption as their first instinct. Quintype aims to enable these content creators to make the transition to digital content publishing seamlessly, helping them offer their content to millions of users with the same features and quality offered by major publishers, at substantially lesser costs.

Vernacular based content consumers make up for an astounding 58% of the total readership in India, with Hindi along accounting for 38%!
Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype

From 2011, Indian vernacular content users have grown from about 100 million in number to approx 400 million, and are expected to continue growing exponentially.

Even in metro cities, the interest towards homegrown content is growing gradually. Whether it is through videos or written form, content in native language has an unparalleled appeal and audience connect in India.

Vernacular based publishers are therefore, looking to provide loyal consumers a way to consume their favourite content through devices they are most comfortable with, and Quintype hopes to be the go-to platform to assist such players realize their vision.

Quintype supports all kind of vernacular languages publishing, even languages with right-to-left script such as Urdu and Arabic.

By helping native content publishers to jump on the digital juggernaut quickly and in a manner that does not compromise on quality, Quintype also aims to protect and keep spreading the culture of vernacular content consumption throughout the country. It wants to bring the same cutting-edge platform that powers TheQuint, BloombergQuint and Fortune India to vernacular publishers for them to take the digital leap.

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Image source: https://www.theindianwire.com/startups/top-10-vernacular-startups-in-india-69461/