Quintype Recognized as a Reliable Digital Publishing Platform

Quintype Recognized as a Reliable Digital Publishing Platform

The boom of the digital media landscape has necessitated media organizations to be agile in creating engaging content. To make this possible, digital media organizations need access to a simple platform that allows for fast creation and sharing of content on all channels while ensuring optimal viral content discoverability for your intended audience. Popular B2B review platform CompareCamp found these elements in Quintype after their experts conducted a thorough review of our digital publishing tool. In recognition of our efficiency in digital publishing, we were recognized with the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star award of 2018 Award.

Various essential elements important for an effective B2B software were analyzed by the CompareCamp team in their Quintype review from our main functionalities, collaboration features, and customization to ease-of-use, integrations, and media rating. CompareCamp found Quintype to be incredibly pleasing to use in publishing digital content, and they discovered that our clients felt the same way. This is why we received both their Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2018 Award.

Attractively designed workspaces, swift creation of shareable content, rich tools for engaging large audiences, improved social network integration, personalized marketing campaigns and newsletters, and insightful data analytics tools are some of the features highlighted by CompareCamp’s experts. They also found our interface simple and easy for producing and organizing content.

Head on to CompareCamp’s website for the full review and try Quintype today to gain an edge over your competitors and take advantage of a mobile-first news environment.