Quintype wins the title ‘Best CMS for Publishers’ at 2018 CMS Critic Awards

Quintype wins the title ‘Best CMS for Publishers’ at 2018 CMS Critic Awards
Best CMS for Publishers awarded to QuintypeCMS Critic Awards

We are more than happy to announce that Quintype has won the CMS Critic Award for Best CMS for Publishers. A big Thank You to all who have voted for us in achieving this milestone.

Started in the year 2015, Quintype in a short span of time is making waves among developers, publishers, digital transformation enthusiasts and business owners. Upon receiving the 2018 CMS Critic Awards, we are satisfied to see ourselves on the right path. This victory validates our experience and focus which has served and helped the publishers over this period of digital transformation.

We are really excited to grab our position on such a huge platform and congratulations to all the winners of this year.

The top 2 reasons why publishers love Quintype

Let us quickly give a gist to the readers and publishers who are new to our space, and also a highlight for others who love Quintype.

Simple and solid architecture

Architecture has always been important to us and we have always emphasized on getting things right here. The CMS has a simple, clean and scalable architecture, with every component of the system well differentiated from the other. Our APIs are understandable and easy to integrate depending on the client’s requirement.

Hassle free editorial workflow

Maintaining a flow while the editors are at work is a complex task and thus, our motive has always been to simplify this entire process. We have implemented multiple strategies to help editors work without a qualm. Editors can work together, with spell checkers in place. We also have media enrichers and plagiarism checkers to help further. In short, we help publish content with a minimal lag time.

We are also one of the top achievers at our work

Our digital partners BloombergQuint and Swarajya have won Bronze and Gold at WAN INFRA South Asia Digital Media Awards 2018 for the best ‘Social Media Engagement’ and ‘Reader Revenue Initiative’ respectively. We have also bagged the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards 2018.

Want to explore Quintype today?

Quintype is an easy-to-use platform with improved editorial UI and uncomplicated UX.

We are thrilled to announce that we are providing a free 14 day trial for all the publishers who wish to explore us. Visit our website to get started.