The Future of Digital Publishing

The Future of Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing

As the globe grappled with the pandemic and the new normal, the digital world saw a boom like never before. With people confined to their homes, screens started playing a pivotal role, be it for work, personal, or entertainment purposes. And with this, a spike in digital publishing trends.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 trends in digital publishing in a year that changed everything.

In a year that saw such upheaval, it was but natural that the world would shift to digital. The insights and observations gathered by our team reflect these trends. For instance, one of the key observations is the nearly 74% increase in accessing news via mobile devices (60% of these comprise adults who use their phones for news bulletins) across age groups. A shift in the way media houses are looked at now means that people have opted to follow journalists to get their daily updates.

The global lockdown also meant that people began to look for avenues to connect with people or have some fun indoors — specifically on screens. The rise in popularity of social platforms such as Twitter and Clubhouse is a testament to that.

Audience engagement is critical, especially when there are so many publishers vying for attention. We noticed that print publishers began bundling digital editions to reach their audiences, and email newsletters emerged as the popular choice, contributing to 1% of website traffic.

Digital publishing is the future, and at Quintype, we are excited to be part of this ever-evolving industry.

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