Here's how you can build a health and fitness blog

Here's how you can build a health and fitness blog

Create an engaging health and fitness website with Bold CMS

The health and fitness industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 27% and touch the US$32 billion mark by 2022. To say it’s flourishing would be an understatement.

Health and Fitness never get irrelevant. The target audience is at a steady increase and thanks to the pandemic, more people have had the chance to reflect on their health and read up about it.

Health and fitness have also had a leap since the influencer wave. Authentic content with gradual progress is popular. Niche trends and home workouts have gained popularity. With more freelance content coming on the digital platform, how does one separate themselves without affecting the authenticity of the content shared?

It includes food, workouts, sports, and even RSS feeds. With a broad range of content, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re starting your website, here are some things you’d have to prioritize.

How to create a Health & Fitness website :

  1. SEO

Having a health and fitness blog can be one of your many efforts but it needs to be clear and planned. Creating stories is easier if you have access to the SEO scores for your stories on your dashboard. This way the editorial team is aware of the traffic pattern and can build a solid content strategy.

A good content strategy helps you push content regularly which keeps you relevant and consistent.

2. Content categorization

Health and fitness include diet, work out, marathons, nutrition, and lifestyle information. While this helps with content diversity it does put you in a situation where you could end up in a cluster.

Having a content management system that helps you experiment with different types of content presentation options like listicles, visual stories, live blogging or even collaborative efforts can keep your blog interesting.

3. Protection

Quintype takes pride in assisting its clients with protection on the web. We manage servers and protect from hackers destroying data.

This may not seem like much when you start but it’s worth investing in if you plan on staying in the digital space.

4. Integrate rich multimedia

From annual gym memberships to 2-week challenges to get abs, the netizens want it all. Having sections that require more than grey text is not a big expectation to meet.

With multimedia tools, you should be able to engage the audience with a better impact as it extends the immersive appeal.

Embed links, use high-resolution images, use visual stories to add to the narrative experience.

5. Build an app!

To add to the immersive experience, build an app. With our react native app, this should only take a few days.

This would allow users to access your content with ease. An app would integrate to the very device that is used and gives you a better chance to engage the readers.

6. Collections

With more scope of content diversity, it is important to categorize. A solid content strategy would make this super easy.

Having your content put in boxes that are easy to comprehend also help your readers navigate through your website.

Running collections that trend or season-specific will also assist you to keep the readers in the loop.

7. Interactions

Considering your readers dumb is the biggest mistake you can make as a publisher. With more content, readers now often act as experts. You can make use of this and add to the essence of your content.

Having online discussions, maybe through Instagram live, could help you engage the audience efficiently. Using an interaction tool also helps present all the reactions and feedback in a single space, encouraging participation.

8. Digital Presence

Podcasts, audio guides, videos, the live streaming are all common today. With faster and cheaper internet, netizen involvement has peaked.

Being on every screen and the screenless device is the safest bet to ensure your content is delivered. As a brand, this takes away the blanket of invisibility.

9. Be Responsive

Trying to gain traffic is no good if your page doesn’t load fast enough for the users. Keeping a well-performing website also increases your chances of ranking up in google’s search engine and help you optimize content for google news.

With the right CMS, a fast page wouldn’t cost you high-definition pictures, or any editorial limitation. A smart CMS will help you enhance the overall user experience.

10. Monetization

Subscriptions for newsletters, blog posts, and expert content aren’t things to shy away from. People are willing to invest in their health, it’s a global industry. The health industry alone is expected to contribute 132 billion US dollars by 2022.

Introducing memberships, discounts, affiliate sales and offers for members, meetups or marathons are effective ways to engage with subscribers. It also helps form a sense of community and create an impact. Interactive methods of monetization can be a game-changer for publishers. It's made easier with Accesstype.

Why should you Choose Bold?

Bold is our hero CMS. This just means that Bold takes up many roles. It’s an easy pick as a content management system for the healthcare and fitness industry.

Bold is a headless CMS that provides services like omnichannel distribution and auto-sharing. It also helps you have smooth third party integrations. Push notifications, clear workflow, access control doesn’t have to be difficult when you have a smart CMS.

Designed for the editorial team, Bold doesn’t require you to get on the coding hill. With minimum clicks, you get maximum output.

To know more about Quintype's suite of products click here.

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