Collaborative Content Editing and Versioning
Content needs editing before publishing

Collaborative Content Editing and Versioning

To entice your audience with what they want is an art. And your content must be able to preserve this benchmark, eternally.

Marketing legend Seth Godin states,

“That’s not what happens when you want to make a hit TV show or a website that people care about. You need editors, not brand managers, who will push the envelope to make the thing go forward.”

Editing a story helps in bringing out the best out of your content version. Thus, editors are responsible to give life to your content, with right experiences and refined messages that help make your content more meaningful.

The complicated plot between multiple authors and editors

Larger organisations house multiple teams to work on content pieces that are produced. During this hustle, editors/authors end up accessing a single story in the editor, all at the same time.

Even with a strong versioning system, authors end up working on incorrect versions. And this is a problem, which needed an immediate attention.

At Quintype, after on-boarding big giants like The Quint and BloombergQuint, we quickly understood the hitch. And thus, we decided to address it with our newest features,

‘We are all here’

With this feature, we show the editors who are on the same page or content. We show you their names and profile pictures on the top-right hand side of the editor. This will let your team coordinate effectively and prevent content collision among themselves.

The ‘We are all here’ feature
The ‘We are all here’ feature

‘Edit lock’

With this feature enabled, a particular content becomes ‘View Only’ for other editors who are on the same story. Unless the current editor relinquishes their ‘Edit lock’ feature, others will not be permitted to make a change.

The ‘Edit lock’ feature
The ‘Edit lock’ feature

These two features proved to be a miracle!

For smaller publishers, just the ‘We are all here’ feature is enough to coordinate between people while larger publishers with more distributed teams, found both ‘We are all here’ and ‘Edit lock’ features to work well together.

Quintype, offers all the publishers and newsrooms our coolest feature that provides you an ease while publishing and editing a story.

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