Shifting perspectives: Why Quintype’s preview feature is revolutionary

Shifting perspectives: Why Quintype’s preview feature is revolutionary

From content creators to CMS developers, optimizing content and tools for mobile has been the prime focus for everyone in the digital publishing industry.

"There will be a lot of development of native mobile storytelling formats in the immediate future. Lot of these formats will begin and end their life as experiments as we enter a time of even more trial, error and testing than ever before." predicts Jacob Gjørtz of CCI Europe (a software company that helped develop multi-channel publishing platforms for numerous global media companies)

Quintype understands that today's omni-channel digital environment is ever-changing. As a result, we are constantly working on developing new CMS features which will enable publishers to be ahead of the curve.

One of the latest features we designed for our CMS platform is a live in-editor preview. This feature allows publishers to view the content just as the reader will see it post render. As the preview appears on the same tab as the editor, publishers have a live view of the changes they make.

Live in-editor preview
Live in-editor preview

The in-editor preview feature offers publishers a concurrent view. They will be able to add different story elements like media embeds, pull-quotes, etc. and watch those changes reflected instantly on the preview window, which is on the same tab as the editor.

Christin George, Product Manager, Quintype

The in-editor preview provides only the mobile view of the content since mobile internet traffic (63%) is responsible for a major chunk of all internet traffic.

Providing their consumers with great mobile experience is a priority for all digital publishers. For that, they needed a preview feature that is optimized for mobile screens. The in-editor feature on Quintype’s CMS platform enables publishers to visualize how the content would exactly be presented to their readers on their mobile devices.

Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype

With Quintype's live in-editor feature, you are one step closer to perfecting the art of mobile storytelling. Sign up for a free trial.

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