May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update - Impact On Digital Publishers

Google rolled out a significant algorithm update. How will it affect news publishers – watch the webinar to find out.
Webinar: May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update
Webinar: May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update

More than 92 percent of all searches on the internet happen on Google. So, it should not come as a surprise that when it released the May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update, almost a large number of news publishers felt the impact within two weeks. Quintype conducted a webinar to help publishers interpret the impact of this update.

The webinar was hosted by Anupam Dasgupta, VP of marketing with Quintype. Anupam was joined by Anish Balan, the VP of customer success at Quintype. Since the success of Quintype customers depends on whether they are getting enough traffic or not, Anish has worked with a number of publishers and helped them get better at SEO.

Anupam started the webinar with a basic introductory question: what is this core update all about? Anish briefly explained that Google rolls out updates every once in a while. Some updates are only small that can affect things like snippets or AMP but core updates are the bigger updates that can change the ranking up or down.

The next question asked by Anupam dispelled some rumours about the update. He asked Balan that a number of website owners are worried whether Google is out to penalize some websites? Or what will happen to my site? Anish cleared that every Core Algorithm does not penalize websites. It is actually to give better results to the end-users of Google. The ranking of some websites may go up or down because of this.

After explaining what the May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update is, Anish asked Anupam a relevant question about how should websites, blogs, or publishers should react that are seeing low traffic. As Anupam has seen many such updates rolled out by Google, he suggested that website owners or news publishers should not panic if their traffic is down. Sometimes, the end metrics like sales or subscriptions are not even affected by a small loss of traffic. He also suggested focusing on off-page SEO and keyword intent of the traffic.

Going towards the middle of the webinar, the two panelists also touched upon the topic of thin content vs rich content. Both the panelists agreed that with this update, Google will move to improve the ranking of pages that publish fresher, more relevant, and richer content.

Keeping the past updates trend and the recent May 2022 Google Core Algorithm update in mind, Anish suggested that the website owners and news publishers should focus more on the following if they want better content:

  • The intent of the keyword that the end-user is searching on the Google

  • The bio of the author who has written the content

  • Giving more context to the content instead of just publishing a wire story

The two panelists agreed that Google is getting better at finding whether a piece of content is rich and original or not, whether the content is in English or local languages. Anish also talked about whether it is possible to rank on Google Discover or not.

In the last section of the webinar, Anupam and Anish answered the questions of viewers on topics like optimal article length, internal linking, and image optimization for better SEO. You can watch the whole webinar if you are interested in how May 2022 Google Core Algorithm Update can impact your rankings.

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