SEO for Journalists

What can journalists do to improve the content and give it the SEO attention it deserves
SEO for Journalists

Quintype, along with Fiare brings an informative session on SEO for journalists. A webinar curated for information that is useful for journalists in their everyday newsroom life. Here are easy steps you can take to ensure that your content gets recognised.

More often than not, the idea of SEO is huge and overwhelming. When looking for information - SEO for journalists, there’s an array of content but all of them are highly technical. This complexity makes it difficult for journalists to access SEO information and utilise it for the better performance.

So much of SEO is about technology but there are simpler things journalists can do to improve SEO on their end. And this is the simple essence of this session.

SEO is a result of many smaller details. At it's core, SEO is simply all the efforts taken to ensure that your content shows up when it is searched for. Google, being the most popular search engine, pushes forth content that is most user-friendly. The guidelines for the same have been published by google so that content creators can navigate their work. But what does this mean for everyday newsroom activities? Find out!

Why should journalists be into SEO?

There’s a lot to win with SEO. In the online context, journalists are evolving with the readership they can hold. By doing certain SEO friendly exercises, they can widen their audience. It’s important to note that SEO is constantly changing as a result of the user demands. We’ve moved from desktops to mobile searches, from text to image searches and more. As google learns the new trends in search, it updates content creators about the same - watch out for their tips from google!

SEO is a bridge between tech and content writing.

While journalists can always approach and depend on the tech team for SEO, there are certain key principles can be helpful for them to improve their content. Journalists have opportunities for them, by doing small tasks that can give them gain the SEO benefits. You’re on the right track if you are gaining better readership.

A good CMS will enable journalists to focus singularly on the content and not get overlapped with tech complications. Here are some tips for journalists.

1. Write concisely

2. Keep your language simple.

3. Include the topic in the first two sentences.

4. Short catchy precise titles

5. Refresh the news with additional details

6. Keep the length between 1200-1800

7. Click baiting

8. Go and ask for article topics from IT.

9. Use appropriate keywords

10. Search robots like tags

11. Link other articles

12. Share your article on social media channels

13. Avoid heavy elements on your article

14. Use images in your article

15. Meta description

Consider set an opportunity to expose your content to a wider audience. Start simple, learn SEO and you’ll have these low hanging fruits in your hands.

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SEO for Journalists
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