What's New In Ahead - PageBuilder

Curious to know about the enhancements made to our front-end system? Here's a deep dive
What's New In Ahead - PageBuilder

Are you interested to learn what's new with our front-end system Ahead? The team at Quintype keeps track of customer feedback and industry trends to ensure that our suite of products are always on par with the expectations of our clientele. This is why there are relevant updates made regularly on our products. These upgrades ensure that publishers across the globe have access to premium experience and products for a price range that suits their brand.

In this session, we have Jeevan Kishore (Lead engineer) and Aswin M Ambady (Senior Account manager) from Quintype shed light on the recent upgrades made to the front-end system. The session shows, in great detail, all that's now available for the clients and how to work around with these new templates and tools.

Ahead is the front-end framework for our headless CMS - Bold. Page builder is our layouting engine which decides how your site looks and feels. Watch this session to learn about all the new features added onto these products - we believe these will help take the digital publishing experience a step higher.

The Key Highlights can be listed as :

  1. Magazine support and shipping address

  2. Header designs

  3. New row layouts

  4. Custom labels and demarcations

  5. Paywall messages

  6. Adyen payment support

Embrace the front-end customisation with Ahead and PageBuilder. We continue to create more flexibility for publishers without having to learn to code. Ahead lets you play around with the look and feel of your website with simple clicks. Collaborate and bring out the best of your brand ideas through this front-end system.

Curious to find out how this would enhance your publishing journey? Schedule a demo today to get the deets! Keep following us on our social channels to get alerts for our webinar.

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