[LIVE WEBINAR] Asserting a Competitive Advantage: Generative AI in Journalism

Date and Time
February 9, 2024
11 AM Eastern Time (ET)


As the demand for informative and engaging content continues to soar, Generative AI is emerging as a game-changer for news organisations.

Join us for this webinar with the North Carolina Press Association and Quintype, where we explore the power of Generative AI in digital news and how its cumulative effect allows you to pull away from your long-standing competitors.


Chad Hussain
(VP - International Partnerships Quintype)

Key Discussion Areas:

Real-world examples showcasing how newsrooms are leveraging Generative AI.

Insights from industry experts on the profound impact of AI in newsrooms.

A live demonstration of Quintype's AI-driven editorial solution featuring:

  • Paraphrasing Content
  • Auto-generating Metadata
  • Auto-language Translation
  • Intelligent Prompts

Join the Hall of Fame of Great Leaders who have Successfully Transitioned to Digital-First Publishing