Multiple Monetization Models
Subscription Management & Renewals
Coupons & Campaigns
Reports & Analytics
Payment Gateways

Multiple Monetization Models

Experiment with the different monetisation models to maximise revenue and subscribers

Multiple Monetisation Models
  • Pay per story
  • Unlimited subscription groups and plans
  • Flexible plan management
  • Group subscription plans together for easy management
  • Re-use ( inherit ) benefits from across plans and groups for easy management.
  • Granular content control - stories, blog posts, and collections
  • Hard, Hybrid & Metered Paywall
  • Support multiple currencies with global & plan level Fallback currency
  • Free & paid trial

Subscription Management & Renewals

Automated subscription management, including recurring billing

Subscription Management and Renewals
  • One-time & recurring subscriptions
  • One-step subscription renewal
  • Manage access from an organisation based on IP and domain.

Coupons & Campaigns

Converts visitors to customers using coupon codes and campaigns

Coupons and Campaigns
  • In-built coupon code management
  • Experiment with Percentage and Fixed amount discount types
  • Customise your coupons and manage their duration
  • Monitor coupon-code usage
  • Drive funding for bringing out your exclusive content
  • Manage patrons and offers
  • Provide Early Access for special benefactors
  • Monitor Campaign performance and goals

Reports & Analytics

Get an Intuitive subscription analytics dashboard and data-driven reports to acquire and retain subscribers.

  • Subscription & Subscriber reports
  • Top 5 Plans based on Revenue & Subscription
  • New, Active & Inactive Subscribers
  • OneTime, Recurring & Total Revenue
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • OneTime & Recurring Subscriptions
  • Renewal due subscribers

Payment Gateways

Seamless integration with leading payment gateways

Integration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration icon
  • Supports proprietary Payment Adaptor feature

“ Quintype gives us a huge advantage in our mobile-first news environment. The platform is built for agility on mobile. No need for plugins. ”

Ritu Kapur
Ritu Kapur
Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Quint

“ Quintype, enabled us to reduce our TCO by 35% while helping us 3X our website traffic with 100M monthly page views. ”

Swapnil Malpathak
Swapnil Malpathak
Business Head, Sakal Digital

“ Metype helps our team to engage with our young audience while ensuring high-quality conversations through their toxicity meter. ”

Amarnath Govindarajan
Amarnath Govindarajan
Chief Digital Officer, Swarajya

“ Quintype's News CMS platform aligned perfectly with our editorial team's criteria, including efficient workflow management. ”

Sitaraman Shanakar
Sitaraman Shankar
CEO of The Printers Mysore and Editor of Deccan Herald

“ To us, working with local news feels like racing in Formula 1 and I am sure the team of MiMorelia are the best drivers, but we needed the fastest car possible. With quintype I am confident we have found it. We now have a fast and responsive website, which will serve a better experience to our readers. Big thumbs up to the entire Quintype team. ”

Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris
Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris

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