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What kinds of magazines can you build with Bold CMS?
You can build all kinds of digital magazines with the Bold CMS. We cater to consumer, trade, professional and in-house magazines. Niches like - news, photography, food, travel, wedding, child-care, etc are also supported.
What are the benefits of Using Digital Publishing Solutions for Magazines?
You can reduce your printing and distribution costs by a large margin. Benefit from the wider range of audience like never before. Have all your issues available for purchase. Experiment with the different subscription options without having to worry about distribution.
Online magazines that are created by Bold cms are mobile friendly?
We understand your need to cater to the mobile-first audience. Bold CMS ensures that your content is accessible on all devices - desktop and mobile without any compromise on performance and design.
Do I need design or coding skills to use your magazine maker?
We believe that content creators shouldn’t be expected to do the technical heavy lifting. You get to create your magazine without having to learn how to code. Our layout customization tool - Page builder allows you to choose from a wide array of templates. The interface is user friendly and tailor made to fit your content needs.
What magazine contents are supported by Bold CMS?
Bold CMS has industry approved features that help content creators create without any friction. Be it business, travel, photography, fashion, news magazines, we support all types of magazines.
Do you have a free plan?
Did you know that you can have a free 14-day trail with Bold CMS. Schedule a demo with us and learn all about the features loaded up. Explore the premium content management experience today.

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