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Get all the features and flexibility of an enterprise-level publishing platform at affordable costs

Easy content creation for smaller teams

Create, curate and manage content with ease. Our tools help you set up a frictionless editorial process.
Use our cardified editor to create rich media stories with embed links, videos and high quality images without hassle.
Collaborate and work with your team of journalists, freelancers and editors to break news faster.
Produce stories on the go with our responsive mobile CMS.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Increase your reach with less effort

Get your content to the target audience on all screen and screenless devices.
Manage metadata, slugs and sitemaps from the CMS. Your writers can check the SEO score and optimize the stories to rank better.
Reach your readers with the latest and greatest stories directly on their inbox.
Alert your readers with new stories using push notifications.
Automate distribution of your stories on social media channels.
Increase your chances of appearing in google news with the right tech support.

Easy front end management with Page Builder

Have better control on your front end without any coding knowledge.
Customise the layout and branding for your homepage, sections and stories without the need for an extended team. Use templates used across the industry.
Add custom widgets, advertisements, or stories without any need to code.
Have a website that is responsive on both web and mobile.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Analyze and Personalize content for your readers

Easy discoverability and higher audience engagement with Collections.
Make better decisions with our story, author and performance reports.
Serve the content your reader wants, served to their personal choices.
Present what's hot and trending to your readers within the hour.

State of the art technical capabilities to handle scale and uptime.

DDOS Attacks

Secure your website from DDOS attacks and enjoy your growing traffic without having to worry about your website.


Industry leading CDN to improve content availability and performance.


All the websites hosted on our servers are HTTPS by default.

2-Fac Authorisation

The accounts provide secure access to the editor using two-factor authentication.

“ Quintype gives us a huge advantage in our mobile-first news environment. The platform is built for agility on mobile. No need for plugins. ”

Ritu Kapur
Ritu Kapur
Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Quint

“ Quintype, enabled us to reduce our TCO by 35% while helping us 3X our website traffic with 100M monthly page views. ”

Swapnil Malpathak
Swapnil Malpathak
Business Head, Sakal Digital

“ Metype helps our team to engage with our young audience while ensuring high-quality conversations through their toxicity meter. ”

Amarnath Govindarajan
Amarnath Govindarajan
Chief Digital Officer, Swarajya

“ Quintype's News CMS platform aligned perfectly with our editorial team's criteria, including efficient workflow management. ”

Sitaraman Shanakar
Sitaraman Shankar
CEO of The Printers Mysore and Editor of Deccan Herald

“ To us, working with local news feels like racing in Formula 1 and I am sure the team of MiMorelia are the best drivers, but we needed the fastest car possible. With quintype I am confident we have found it. We now have a fast and responsive website, which will serve a better experience to our readers. Big thumbs up to the entire Quintype team. ”

Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris
Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris

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