The Quintype Strategy Of Driving A 60% Page View Spike For CDO Magazine

“We were facing a lack of consistent and full-time assistance from BLOX CMS. We also recognized that the user interface was outdated for modern-day information consumption. Additionally, the backend content management interface did not align with modern user experience expectations.”

Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Managing Editor at CDO magazine

About CDO Magazine

CDO Magazine grew out of the annual Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ), founded in 2007 by the MIT Sloan School of Management, in partnership with the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO) and ComSpark. The publication's vision and mission are to be the premier global digital publication giving voice to global executives in strategic data, analytics, AI, and security roles.

The publication delivers C-suite-worthy format and quality content — insights essential to accelerating organizational adoption of enterprise disciplines that are key to success in today’s digital society. It aims to help data, analytics, AI, and security executives experience a more profound community through a platform where the best ideas, innovations, companies, and leaders are celebrated. CDO Magazine has CDO Forums in cities, countries, and regions worldwide.

With an audience approaching 400,000 readers, the publication is read in 95% of countries globally. Notably, the CDO Magazine Editorial Board comprises leading executives from 26 nations.

The User Experience Dilemma

CDO Magazine is acclaimed for its premium content delivery. The platform necessitates a high-caliber page builder that enhances the presentation of its articles to ensure a flawless user experience. The team encountered issues working with their CMS. Furthermore, the magazine's global audience suffered from its poor user interface. The front end wasn’t promising enough for the readers to read the content. 

Main Hurdles Faced by CDO Team

CDO magazine was working on BLOX CMS. They have encountered persistent technical challenges in the CMS and front-end user interface. The technical glitches reported to BLOX CMS remained unaddressed for an extended period, leading to a significant decline in user count. 

Furthermore, the company's workforce is globally dispersed, underscoring the necessity for an uninterrupted workflow. However, BLOX CMS encountered impediments in its operational execution, leading to inefficiencies within its processes.

The team found a gradual decline in traffic and understood that the front end was performing poorly. They were worried about their loyal user base. The CDO team faced technical glitches while working in BLOX CMS, so poor user interface emerged as a serious concern.

The technical complaint tickets to BLOX have been unattended for several days, creating many technical issues for the team. Broken workflows have emerged as top concerns, marking a considerable obstacle to growth and sustainability. 

The editorial board has decided to switch to a robust CMS and page builder solution that promises enhanced content management and user experience to deliver quality content to their global audience.

Breaking Through the Tech Barrier

The Quintype team has recognized that CDO Magazine has encountered numerous challenges with its current Content Management System (CMS), including technical difficulties, a subpar user interface, inadequate customer support, and inefficient workflow processes. In response, the team has resolved to propose their Quintype BOLD CMS and page builder as a solution to address these issues.

Quintype BOLD CMS is explicitly designed to meet the ever-evolving content creation demands. The products enhance the user experience and help brands captivate a wider audience.

Our commitment to customer support is the foundation of our success. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 and ensures that every interaction with our technology is seamless, assisting the CDO in optimizing our product features at its best. 

We understand the importance of a streamlined workflow and user experience (UX). That is why our team is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with CDO Magazine, meticulously addressing every query and fine-tuning our features to optimize performance. 

A New Approach to Success

We crafted our product with attention to detail. The Quintype team promised CDO magazine that all the issues they have discussed will be sorted out, and the traffic that has declined due to BLOX's poor user interface will bounce back.

The strategic shift to Quintype aims to improve workflow management, provide a better UI experience, restore loyal user growth, and reinforce the platform's market position.

CDO magazine has selected two of the industry's trending quintype products: “BOLD,” the AI-powered Newsroom CMS solution, and “Ahead,” a no-code website builder. The News CMS has effortlessly accommodated the escalating demands for content creation, while the no-code website builder has elevated user satisfaction, expanding the user base.

After the seamless transition to Quintype, CDO experienced a surge in traffic, and all their problems were resolved. 

Better User Experience: The user interface is much better than the previous CMS, which helps them to execute their work faster.

Workflow: The workflow was much better than before, and the entire team from various parts of the world has coordinated their tasks better with appropriate user control.

Faster Delivery: The CMS's AI features help them perform better and automate the normal tasks of generating mate titles and meta descriptions.

Better Reach: The team started having a better social media presence, and the user base has also increased tremendously.

Performance Summary

Quintype is dedicated to achieving success through tangible results. This commitment is underscored by CDO Magazine's remarkable 60% surge in pageviews and doubling in monthly active users, which showcase a major boost in user engagement. Furthermore, Quintype has established itself as a leading content provider within the data analytics sector, signifying an upward shift.

At the forefront of the Media Revolution

CDO is a happy Quintype customer. They have witnessed tremendous user growth and a seamless user interface. Readers, revenue, and traffic growth is an adequate indicator of satisfaction after partnering with Quintype.

Our experience with Quintype has been transformative, particularly in overcoming the hurdles we encountered with technical support, CMS, and a poor user interface. Thanks to Quintype, which has streamlined our workflow, we have seen a marked improvement in users after Quintype. Their 24/7, relentless technical support is highly appreciable, said Abid Hussain Barlaskar, Managing editor at CDO Magazine.

Quintype is an all-encompassing suite of solutions that redefines the creation, management, and distribution of news for digital publishers. CDO's journey epitomizes the impactful capabilities of our Bold CMS, intuitive page builder, and secure paywall management, illustrating their collective ability to streamline workflows, enrich user experiences, and foster digital expansion.