HealthDay Achieved Flexible And Cost-Effective Content Distribution With Quintype

Quintype CMS platform offered the flexibility of cost-effectively creating a content distribution mechanism atop its headless CMS. If you look at the market, the CMS solutions that can handle large volumes of data on a cost-performance basis, Quintype is the best with performance, functionality, and competitiveness.

Andy Meyers
CEO HealthDay


About HealthDay

Since its inception in 1998, HealthDay has been producing award-winning content and has become the world's largest syndicator of health news and a leading independent creator of evidence-based health content. 

The editors and writers at HealthDay have garnered numerous journalism awards, including the Pulitzer Award and top honors from the Associated Press Managing Editors. Operating as a division of ScoutNews LLC, HealthDay adheres to the strictest editorial standards. 

The organization takes great pride in its syndicated news content, which remains completely independent of any financial interests and is based solely on industry-respected sources and the latest scientific research.

Addressing Technical Challenges of HealthDay

HealthDay faced difficulties with its outdated CMS due to various reasons. Whenever the HealthDay team wanted to make any changes or integrations in the CMS system, it resulted in another technical issue or something going wrong. 

This indicates that the system is outdated, not future-ready, and adaptable to the brand's evolving demands. The system is unstable and inefficient to meet the challenges. Further, they lack support from the CMS provider and must wait long to resolve their issue tickets. The brand found the speed of response their old CMS provider offered was slow and inadequate in resolving their issues.

The inability of the support team to promptly and effectively address the technical issue resulted in operational delays, potentially leading to missed deadlines or compromised service delivery. The repeated scenarios disrupted the user experience. Moreover, the brand faced increased stress and problems with resource allocation in managing and mitigating the fallout from the unresolved technical issue.  Finally, they decided to shift to a new CMS that helped them to streamline their workflow and accommodate their demands.

System Instability: Frequent issues created system downtime, affecting content publication and updates.

Integration Issues: Difficulty integrating new tools or updating existing functionalities hinders the deployment of innovative features and services.

Inadequate to Accommodate Changes: Outdated systems may lack modern features, increasing the risk of accommodating data and tools.

Delayed Content Delivery: Problems with the CMS created delays in publishing schedules, impacting timely content delivery to the audience.

Inefficient Workflow: Operational inefficiencies arise as staff spend more time troubleshooting and less on content creation and strategy execution.

Poor User Experience: Frequent system issues disrupted the user experience for both internal staff and external users, potentially leading to a loss of audience engagement.

Delayed Service Help: A delay in service help leads to unresolved issues for a prolonged time.

Navigating Technical Obstacles For Seamless Operations

HealthDay, renowned not only as a media provider but also as a prolific producer and publisher of high-quality content, caters to a broad and diverse readership. The core of their challenge lay in finding a headless Content Management System (CMS) that resonates with their intricate needs for content production and distribution. 

The HealthDay team has conducted extensive marketing research initiatives across various regions in the United States, encompassing both prominent and lesser-known markets. They found it challenging to identify a partner capable of fulfilling their specific operational requirements. Finally, they landed on Quintype.

Quintype team has been tackling these well-known challenges in the digital publishing sector for years. Our in-house experts collaborated with HealthDay to introduce them to our most advanced, future-ready CMS and page builder solutions. 

This partnership is geared towards streamlining their digital publishing processes. The easy-to-use page builder was their ultimate consideration, enabling the team to offer quality content that is highly appealing to users.

Success Reimagined

HealthDay has discovered significant utility and flexibility in the page builder's template offerings. The design flexibility provided by these tools has facilitated substantial cost reductions for Healthday, leading to their pronounced satisfaction with the products.

In Andy Meyer's words, “ Quintype helped us build our website and gave us the flexibility to create customized designs with the page builder. It is user-friendly, and we don’t have any developers in-house. The flexible design, AI translation facility, and other built-in tools have helped us save time and cost.

Moreover, the team has adopted the latest AI tools and innovations incorporated into Quintype's products. The addition of a translation facility has proven invaluable, enabling the seamless translation of stories into various languages. This enhancement has saved considerable time and significantly streamlined their workflow, enhancing operational efficiency.

Reduced Costs: Quintype's solutions have allowed HealthDay to cut costs associated with content management and website maintenance significantly.

Increased Flexibility: The flexible design of Quintype's page builder has enabled HealthDay to create customized website layouts and designs without the need for in-house developers.

Enhanced Performance: The CMS can efficiently handle large volumes of data, which is crucial for a publisher like HealthDay that manages extensive content.

Improved Support Response Time: Quintype offers 24/7 support with a quick response time, drastically reducing the time it takes to resolve issues compared to the previous CMS provider.

Streamlined Workflow: HealthDay's content production and distribution processes have been simplified by the easy-to-use page builder and the integration of AI tools, including a translation facility.

Better User Experience: Quintype’s stable and efficient CMS offered a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Adaptability to Changes: Quintype’s CMS is future-ready, allowing HealthDay to adapt to changes and updates quickly without technical setbacks.

Performance Summary

For a brand, the pinnacle of accolade is the contentment of its clientele—an achievement Quintype has realized through its collaboration with HealthDay. The partnership has markedly elevated the number of website visitors and session durations, significantly enhancing workflow and efficiency with a cost cut.

At The Forefront Of Media Revolution

Mayers is happy and satisfied with Quintype: “ Quintype helped to cut the cost down. For a publisher with thousands of data in the system, cutting the cost is essential, which Quintype enabled us with. It is important to mention their 24*7 support. The team is highly responsive when we raise an issue and quickly resolve it. Our last CMS provider may take a week or two to resolve issues, and Quintype resolves them in a day

Quintype offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize the creation, management, and distribution of news for digital publishers. The journey of HealthDay highlights the powerful capabilities of our Bold CMS, a user-friendly page builder. These tools streamline workflows, enhance user experiences, and drive digital growth.

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